While in Toronto

Toronto, the entertainment capital of Canada, isn’t so much a place you visit as it is a destination you experience – and fall in love with for its sophistication, vibrancy and famous sense of humour. It is a progressive city that rewards and inspires its visitors with surprises – architectural, cultural, edible and festive – around every corner. Its skyline includes the CN Tower, one of the Modern Wonders of the World; miles of waterfront, boardwalks and trails; and distinct neighbourhoods with inspiring finds from artisans’ exhibits to cool cafés.

Here all things are celebrated wholeheartedly with entertaining results. Heritages, film genres, races by land or sea, art, lifestyles and sweet sounds are just a few of the things that Toronto proudly presents through its many festivals.

And, when the sun goes down, Toronto’s clubs offer enticing distractions including hot jazz, side-splitting comedy, acoustic artistry and celebrity sightings.

With vibrant festivals, live theatre, an eclectic music scene and non-stop action all season long, it’s the perfect choice for an urban getaway.