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The Toronto area is home to a thriving Food and Beverage industry. With annual sales in the food processing industry in excess of $32 billion, the city is home to over 2,000 food and beverage manufacturing establishments. The Food and Beverage processing sector is Canada's third largest manufacturing sector and Toronto is a major centre for the food industry in Canada; half of its top ranked food and beverage manufacturers are headquartered in the city.

There are more than 50,000 people employed in Toronto's food processing industry. Employment in the F&B sector has increased at a rate of 5 percent per year; within the next 10 years, employment growth rates in the food and beverage industry are expected to double.

Core food industry activities include food processing, warehousing and distribution, retailing and food services. The Toronto F&B industry generates growth in related industries, including packaging, design, the production of food industry equipment, biotechnology and specialized storage and transportation.

Bakeries are the largest single type of food processing plant, and this has resulted in diverse, high quality products in this sub-sector. Meat processing is the next largest sub-sector, followed by beverages.

One sub-sector that is growing in importance is specialty foods. Specialty processors reflect Toronto's vibrant, multi-ethnic community and its export connections abroad. About 25 percent of all food-processing plants within Toronto are considered to be making specialty products. Specialty foods have grown about twice as fast as the average and are expected to grow at 12 percent a year in the coming five years, compared to five percent for other products.

Toronto has a number of programs and initiatives to help support and grow the Food and Beverage industry. The successful How to Start a Food Business Workshop assists individuals considering the food and beverage processing industry as a potential business destination. It provides the information that individuals will require to make an educated decision on venturing into the Toronto food industry. The Toronto Food Business Incubator (TFBI) ensures that new and innovative products are continually being introduced to local consumers, thus supporting new entrepreneurs and teaching them the best practices of food production. The Toronto Food Industry Advisory Committee addresses the needs of the food industry within Toronto and includes representatives from the city's food sector and the three levels of government.

Griffith Laboratories

Griffith Laboratories is a global manufacturer of food products. The company provides a wide range of taste and texture components for food industry customers throughout the world. Products include seasoning blends, dry mixes, coating systems, dough blends, crumbs, flavours, sauces and food bases that are used in an extensive variety of applications from snack foods and processed meat and poultry to ready meals.
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Customers include food processors, restaurant operators and grocery retailers. While Griffith Laboratories may not be a familiar name to customers, their products are key components of foods offered by many of the world’s best companies.

Founded in 1919, Griffith Laboratories is a privately held, third-generation entrepreneurial family business. Today, Griffith Laboratories proudly serves the international food industry with coverage in all major markets with manufacturing facilities, sales locations, development laboratories and more than 2,500 employees worldwide.

For more information, please see: www.griffithlaboratories.com/Canada/en-CA