Close to 100 cultures, more than 140 tongues, nearly 3 million immigrants (Toronto has the third-highest percentage of foreign-born residents in the world), five Chinatowns.

The numbers are compelling. Toronto is a picture of diversity. But the picture can’t be painted by numbers alone. It’s the degree to which immigrants, lesbians and gays shade and sculpt the city that truly exemplifies its diversity. It’s the measure of a city’s inclusivity that defines its multiplicity.

And inclusivity is what Toronto does best.

Ask immigrant Roland Deschamps why he chose Toronto as his new home and he’ll tell you: “This city truly is a cultural tapestry. Immigrants have the freedom to stay true to the values and beliefs of their country of origin, but still embrace all that is uniquely Toronto.”

Exactly. In Toronto, varied cultures, beliefs and orientations are embraced in everyday life and celebrated in schools, celebrations and civic pride.