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Information Communications Technology

Toronto is a powerful player in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector in North America. It is home to the largest ICT cluster in Canada and the third largest in North America, based on the largest concentration of private ICT facilities of one hundred or more employees.

In Toronto, key ICT sector stakeholders include high profile companies like Ubisoft, IBM, Microsoft, Autodesk, SAS, Bell Canada, Rogers and Telus. Canadian telecommunications, network and software company Nortel is also based in Toronto. With head offices just outside of the GTA, RIM (Research in Motion) is the wireless device company that created the BlackBerry smartphone.

Toronto's competitive advantage is the depth and diversity of its ICT operations, with particular strengths in software and systems development, manufacturing and ICT services. Specifically, Toronto-based ICT firms specialize in product offerings like software, computer services, professional services, end-user equipment, computer systems, semiconductors, communications equipment, wireline services, wireless services and creative and content development.

An integral part of Toronto’s thriving business community, the ITC sector boosts economic growth by enhancing productivity through the application of information technology. In turn, Toronto’s robust economy provides a market for ICT products and services developed and offered locally.

The Toronto ICT sector has successfully targeted three distinct markets. The first is other ICT companies—which stimulates industry growth and innovation, as well as export development. Consumer markets, like the enormous gaming community, provides market demand and enormous opportunity. Finally, local ICT companies target the financial services sector; business services and industrial markets drive increased productivity as well as the creation of new business applications in areas like e-banking.