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Green Energy and Technology

At both the municipal and provincial levels, going green has become a primary political mandate. What that means for Toronto corporations is opportunity. And the city’s forward-thinking business leaders are making the most of that opportunity by creating break-through technologies that will support an ever-growing green infrastructure.

The province of Ontario’s recently enacted Green Energy Act aims to boost investment in renewable energy projects and businesses and create as many as 50,000 new “green” jobs. Since 2003, over $4.6 billion has been invested in renewable energy projects that are either underway or now under construction.

Meanwhile, the City of Toronto’s Power to Live Green strategy builds on the city’s sustainable energy foundations by significantly conserving, renewing and smartly distributing electricity and natural gas. And its Toronto Green Development Standard raises the bar on building codes, demanding greater, greener minimums be met. The Toronto Green Development Standard isn’t just about green values, it’s about green actions—designing sites and buildings that are more environmentally friendly.

For Toronto companies all of this means good business and innovations both big and small are fuelling this growing sector. Wind turbines are turning over the Ontario landscape and more are planned. Solar panels are being installed in buildings big and small. The Deep Lake Water Cooling system is reducing energy consumption in many of the buildings in Toronto’s downtown core by as much as 90 percent compared to conventional air conditioning. Meanwhile, a University of Toronto professor is leading a team of scientists intent on bringing the continent’s first biocar to market—one made with fuel-efficient parts derived from agricultural waste.

And that’s just a small sample. But the common denominator for all of these cutting-edge projects is Toronto vision and enterprise.

Calstone Inc.

Calstone Inc. is a green-oriented manufacturer of durable, well-designed furniture. The Toronto based manufacturer offers an industry-leading environmental guarantee: clients who participate in its innovative new remanufacturing program can rest assured that their Calstone products will never end up in a landfill. Calstone is very focused on producing products in as green a manner as possible in a quest to be 100-percent off the electricity grid.

The Calstone remanufacturing program is part of a larger commitment to green business practices. The company reuses much of the 90-percent-recycled cardboard packaging it uses for shipping, and will soon collect diverted rainwater in a 5,000-gallon tank to cool machinery and water the grounds around the plant.

Winner of various green awards including the Canadian Council Ministers of the Environment award for Pollution Prevention for Canada in the small business category.

For further information: 416-298-9137; calstone@calstoneinc.com; www.calstoneinc.com

Greenblue Inc.

GreenBlue’s technology for diesel engines delivers real fuel-cost savings for diesel engine owners and operators. Through an injection of a hydrogen-based catalyst into the engine, GreenBlue’s technology promotes a more complete and efficient combustion of diesel fuel. GreenBlue has partnered with world-renowned experts and state-of-the-art diesel test facilities at the University of Windsor to optimize system performance.

GreenBlue’s systems constantly monitor the improved engine performance and collect accurate data on fuel cost savings and carbon reductions resulting from use of the technology. The emission reductions will help industry meet cap-and-trade targets by providing verifiable carbon offset credits.

In addition to reduced fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions, GreenBlue’s technology greatly reduces pollutants from engine exhaust. The impact of GreenBlue's technology is significant, particularly in engines with limited emissions controls.

GreenBlue's products are designed and manufactured in-house at GreenBlue’s manufacturing division, Invotronics™. Products are designed and validated in certified testing laboratories to be rugged and reliable for years of continuous service in severe outdoor environments. Invotronics™ manufactures industrial electronics for global customers and is recognized for extremely high standards including ISO 9001, TS 16949, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001, verified by 3rd party audits.

For further information: 905-754-8500; www.greenbluesystems.com