Toronto welcomes our global partners

As the leaders of the international economy and the world’s media gather in Toronto they will find one of the planet’s truly global cities —a city of true diversity, a worldwide business hub and an energized cultural centre.

In Toronto, these things coalesce to create something that is special, something that is unique, something that is singularly Toronto.

Blanketed with diverse neighbourhoods (there are five Chinatowns, three little Italys and a thriving gay village) where more than 140 languages and dialects are spoken, Toronto has become a model of inclusiveness —it has come to epitomize the living, breathing cultural mosaic that other cities aspire to.

On the foundation of Canada’s stable banks, nearly all based in Toronto, the city has developed one of the world's most modern economies. The most important industrial sectors of the 21st century—biomedical, information technology, green technology, financial services—are thriving in the research labs and boardrooms of Toronto businesses.

A top global artistic destination, Toronto has undergone a cultural renaissance over the past decade that has brought spectacular expansions of major galleries and museums, a new opera house, lively new cultural events and a new permanent home for the famous Toronto International Film Festival.

Diverse people, thriving culture, cutting-edge economy—in Toronto these things come together to create a brand of metropolitan magic that is only “Toronto”.

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About the partnership The inclusiveness of its myriad cultures and outlooks makes Toronto a true mosaic.
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Green technology A world leader in the modern economy, Toronto is leading the way to the future of international industry.
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Creativity / culture A go-to destination for the arts, Toronto is emerging as a preeminent creative city.
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